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This shape and measure is ideal because:

  • the nipple is perfectly contained without preassure;
  • thinner cups tend to slip from the correct position and move inside the bra


Many mothers with larger measurements, typically over a C cup size and an areola with a diameter exceeding 4.5 cm, request a slightly larger size. To meet their needs, Silverette® XL was created.
Silverette® was created in collaboration with the Padua University in Italy in 2007 and has assisted many new mothers in tending to their nipples.
Many questionable copycat products have appeared on the market since its launch. Note that these nursing cups are classified as Medical Class 1 items that conform to all MDD Regulation 745/2017 rules. We have gained knowledge that many imitated products do not conform to the required standards. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the selling company can provide evidence that their products are compliant.
Although we encourage new businesses, it is crucial to be highly cautious about other products.
 Ask yourself these questions:
  • Is the product made of genuine 925 silver?
  • Is it made of pure silver, or is it a laminated version?
  • If it is a laminated version, what are the other accompanying materials?
  • Do the products have copper or nickel, which might lead to skin reactions?
  • Are they classified as a Medical Device class 1?
  • Is the company registered in the European Union?

925 Silver is the purest form of silver that can be molded into shape. With the purest 999 silver it is just possible to laminate or silver plate objects made from other materials which could give allergic reactions (for example silver plated copper). Our silver is certified, and in conformity of all the applying laws and medical device directives.

The refolded edges are crucial for the ease of the extremely sensitive skin in that region. Unfolded edges may cause irritation or even cut your delicate skin.

925 Silver is the most refined type of silver that can be moulded into shape. Pure 999 silver can only be used to laminate or plate other metal materials. This means that objects made of other materials are simply coated with a thin layer of silver due to its cost-effectiveness. An object made of 999 silver would be too delicate, with a high risk of structural alterations or potential breakage of these fragile products.

No need, but if you think your baby is bothered by the scent of milk residue, we recommend rinsing your nipples gently with warm water.

No, it is not possible to wash them in the dishwasher & will cause damage of the Sliverette® Cups.

No, disinfectants could damage silver.

They are available in two sizes
REGULAR:  bra size < 36; C cup or less; areola dimension < 4.5 cm
XL: bra size > 36; C CUP or more; areola dimension > 4.5 cm

Yes, we recommend the use of Silverette® as a preventive measure.

No, we strongly advise against using any type of creams or ointments in combination with Silverette® cups, as this could reduce their effectiveness.

No, the effectiveness of the Silverette cups does not decrease over time, making the product eco-friendly.

Yes, we offer free shipping on all of our products.

We ship to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

All orders made before 15:00 from Monday to Friday are sent via PostNL (letter mail box) on the same day. You should receive your order the following day in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Please be aware that no mail is delivered on Mondays in The Netherlands. We cannot guarantee delivery time as it is out of our control once the product is handed over to PostNL.

If you’ve mistakenly provided an incorrect delivery address, please send us an email immediately with your order number. We’ll attempt to amend your order if feasible.

Unfortunately we don’t offer same day delivery.

You’ll receive an email once your order has shipped titled “Your Order is on the way”, containing your tracking link. Alternatively, you can log into your Silverette Customer Account and track your order.

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  1. Log into your Account

  2. Check the status of your order.

  3. If the order has been fulfilled, select the order

  4. Click on the tracking link to be directed to your tracking

Alternatively, you can use the link provided in your shipping confirmation email.

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • iDEAL
  • Bankcontact
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Klarna
  • Bank transfer

All payments made through Klarna will incur an additional charge of €1.95, as the expenses of Klarna transactions significantly outweigh our current costs. We provide various payment alternatives that are free of any extra fees.

Yes, you are welcome to do so, and you will get instructions once you have selected this payment option at check out. 

We have a 14-day returns policy for any unopened Silverette® product. Please note that Silverette® is a hygienic product, so we cannot accept any returns of opened or used products.

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Yes we do, please contact us to find out more.

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